ePetition - It makes better business sense to restore the 3 crowd funded Arches at the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive

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It makes better business sense to restore the 3 crowd funded Arches at the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to restore the 3 arches nearer to Concorde 2

• The councils choice of arches are untypical – in fact, they are not generally referred to as the same as the open arches - so their costing per arch will be flawed.

• They have not consulted nor shown visuals of the 3 arches chosen to the crowd funding community or wider public.

• Building works along Madeira Drive are already having a disastrous effect on trading; having more building works at the Western end of Madeira Terraces will make the outdoors seating that the traders rely on noisy, dirty, dusty & visually unattractive.

• Restoring 3 arches near Concorde 2 would not disturb the local business as they are on the beach side, apart from Concorde 2, which is not active in the day time

• The area around Concorde 2 will better benefit from having 3 arches being restored because they will create an all year round destination, thus encouraging the visitors & residents to travel along from the pier.

• It would lead to more use of the of the Volks railway midway station & workshop gallery.

• If E.H.L.F funding is agreed & the restoration of 59 arches can go ahead then the arches around Concorde 2 are in more urgent need as they are already supported.

• The repair of the Concorde 2 roof, public toilets & the Madeira Lift are urgent & will give more benefits to traders, residents and visitors around this area than anywhere else along Madeira Terraces.

• Having the lift working all year round leads to the possibilities of less parking & less pollution as there are bus stops nearby offering a good local & long trip bus service. This would also benefit families & disabled visitors wanting to access the Barefoot Cafe, Jungle Rumble & Sealanes, all of which have disabled & child friendly pursuits.

• The traders could offer combined entrance and bus use admission

• It makes better business sense to restore the 3 crowd funded Arches at the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive, therefore creating a business plan & releasing the £1m from the i360, ear-marked for the Terraces

Started by: Derek Wright (Save Madeira Terraces Raffle Group on Facebook)

This ePetition ran from 04/02/2019 to 27/03/2019 and has now finished.

2908 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Thank you for your petition. As you may have noticed, the committee will consider a report on this matter later in this meeting and I hope you are able to stay to hear our consideration of that report


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