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Bevendean Primary School - SAVE OUR SCHOOL

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to reject the proposal to reduce the number of pupil places at Bevendean Primary School from 60 to 45.

Bevendean Primary School and Nursery is situated approximately 3km from Brighton’s city centre, and is a hidden treasure. Because of its location, most children live close to the school and many parents are former pupils. In fact, 91% of the children live within the BN2 4 postcode – we are a Community School – in the heart of Bevendean. The school is surrounded by beautiful down land, and set in extensive grounds with wide-open spaces. Bevendean Primary School and Nursery enjoys a peaceful and unspoilt location.

Before 1950, Bevendean Valley was mainly farmland. However, after the war, this farmland was developed. At this time, the school became the heart of the community – and to this day remains so! Originally two schools, these were joined together in 1990 to form Bevendean Primary School. In 2020, ‘and Nursery’ was added to the school’s name to ensure the name reflected the school’s offer.

Bevendean Primary School and Nursery is a GOOD School (Ofsted December 2019) and our results (prior to COVID-19) showed that our children make excellent progress in the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths. We have a Hearing Support Facility for deaf children – we are a very inclusive school!

The school and community strongly oppose Brighton and Hove City Council’s recommendation to reduce our PAN (Published Admission Number) from 60 to 45, for the following reasons:

1- Reducing the intake in the school will mean significant budget cuts, for an area rated in the 20% most deprived in the country – 49% of our children are Pupil Premium.

2. Fewer school places at Bevendean Primary School and Nursery will mean that existing families of children, or new families to Bevendean might miss out on a school place, and then consequently, enrol at another school. This mean that children and their families needing to travel to other schools by car, and/or have longer commutes in public transport. This adds to pollution and congestion.

3. Smaller schools mean MUCH smaller budgets. This will mean job cuts, further reductions in staff, less support for children with SEND or who need additional support such as reading or phonics groups. It will mean fewer trips and visits and no possibility to subsidise the ones we do run. It will mean less building maintenance and money spent on resources such as books, stationary etc.

4. Bevendean is a GOOD school. With a PAN of only 45, classes will be full – with 30 children or more in each class! This will mean less 1:1 and small group support for children who need this.

5. We are a fantastic community school. 91% of the children who attend our school live within the BN2 4 postcode! We are a community school and there must continue to be school places available for those families who move into Bevendean.

6. Bevendean has the highest percentage of disadvantaged pupils of any school in not just the east of city, but all of Brighton – we cannot let a proposed reduction in pupil numbers impact on the progress and attainment of our pupils.

7. The development of University accommodation along the Lewes Road will create additional housing for families in Bevendean as the large number of H.M.Os (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) are reduced. Long-term, we must ensure that Bevendean, as a community school, has places available for new families.

8. The reduction of PANS across the city must be fair and equitable. Large, middle-class oversubscribed schools, faith schools should also be considered – not just schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils.

Please support the school in signing this petition, showing your support in ensuring that Bevendean Primary School and Nursery remains a 2 form entry school that serves the Bevendean Community.

This ePetition runs from 19/11/2021 to 02/01/2022.

832 people have signed this ePetition.


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