ePetition - Introduction of a food waste collection and disposal system in Brighton and Hove.

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Introduction of a food waste collection and disposal system in Brighton and Hove.

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to introduce a food waste collection and disposal system in Brighton and Hove. Brighton has the country’s only Green MP, a strong Green presence on the Council and purports to have a green agenda. However, the Council lags behind many others in dealing with food waste collection and disposal.

It is high time that Brighton and Hove caught up with many other constituencies and had an automatic food waste collection and disposal system.
There are many advantages to this, for example:
1) Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and creating renewable fuel (biogas). By combining food waste treatment with wastewater treatment, the biogas production can be almost tripled
2) Saving the council money (so that it can be put to better use on other issues). The government website states that it costs almost double for councils to dispose of food waste in normal bins rather than in the separate food waste caddies. In 2015 alone, councils saved almost £70 million by the reduction of food waste in residual waste going to landfill.
3) The average UK household wastes roughly £500 worth of food each year – disposing food waste in a kitchen caddy makes people more aware of how much they are throwing away and how they can cut it down. Therefore, reducing wasted time, energy, resources and money.
4) When food waste ends up on landfill, as it decomposes, it emits harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. With time running out to slow the effects of climate change, having as many accessible and easy lifestyle changes which aid minimising each person’s personal carbon footprint is vital.
The city of Brighton and Hove is thought to be a progressive and eco-minded place, yet in terms of food waste, we appear to be lagging behind much of the rest of the country. Please sign this petition.

Started by: Holly Pike

This ePetition runs from 09/04/2020 to 12/08/2020.

901 people have signed this ePetition.

Council response

The petition is now due to be considered at the Special Council meeting on the 13 August 2020.


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