ePetition - Dangerous crossing opposite Peter Gladwin School

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Dangerous crossing opposite Peter Gladwin School

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to install a pedestrian crossing on Drove Road/Foredown Road opposite Peter Gladwin School in Portslade. This is an extremely busy road with three schools; Peter Gladwin School, Hill Park Lower school and Hill Park Upper school. At drop off and pick up times it is extremely dangerous for children crossing the road as there is no pedestrian crossing in place and numerous cars obstructing the view of oncoming traffic, which is not required to give way to children crossing. Hill Park Lower school is a special needs school and many children crossing at this point have significant additional needs. A pedestrian crossing would make it much safer for everyone to get to school.

We have contacted the council a number of times regarding this issue but have been told that there are no funds left for this financial year and all that can be offered are some yellow cones to put outside the school. This is a completely inadequate response as our children’s safety is at risk! Please sign and share widely to let the local authority know the strength of feeling on this issue.

Started by: Helen Irving

This ePetition ran from 07/06/2019 to 07/10/2019 and has now finished.

234 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Response provided at the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee meeting on 8 October 2019:

"The Council works with schools across the City to support the development of their travel plans and run initiatives with the schools to reduce travel by car in favour of more sustainable and healthier modes of travel. This improves road safety in the vicinity of schools by reducing congestion and improves the health of the children by reducing emissions at the gates and promoting active travel. The most recent School Travel Plan for Peter Gladwin School was updated in 2016 and therefore this may need to be reviewed by the school.

There have been no collisions reported at this location in the past three years. This stretch of Foredown Road/Drove Road is also heavily traffic calmed which has resulted in an average recorded speed of 17.5mph, which anecdotally reduces further at school pick up and drop off times due to congestion from parents accessing the three schools. School keep clear road markings are also in place and the school puts out ‘No parking’ A-boards at school pick up and drop off times.

However, in light of the concerns raised, an officer visited the school on Tuesday 10th September to observe the drop off arrangements in the morning. The vast majority of children were observed arriving on foot with their parents or guardians. Drivers were generally considerate and appeared to be aware of the presence of the schools and drove accordingly. Parents crossing the road seemed relaxed and not visibly concerned by the crossing arrangements. The officer did note that visibility was obscured at the informal crossing points by vegetation to the east of the junction with Manor Road and on the north side of Drove Road near the junction with the High Street. City Parks have been asked to make the necessary arrangements to rectify this.

Parking was also observed at the junction of Manor Road and Foredown Road that could have contributed to restrictions in visibility. Whilst the parking was legal, there may be a benefit in extending the double yellow lines at this location. An officer will make contact with the school to discuss this idea further.

Based on the observations made on site and the data available at this location, it is not felt that there is justification to take any further immediate action other than the items mentioned above. This location is however on the Pedestrian Crossing Priority list and will therefore be formally assessed towards then end of this financial year along with other requests received".


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