Agenda item - Request for Deed of Variation, Former Portslade Brewery, South Street, Portslade

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Agenda item

Request for Deed of Variation, Former Portslade Brewery, South Street, Portslade

Report of the Head of Planning (copy attached)


1.    The case officer introduced the item and noted that the report had been deferred from the 4 November 2020 Planning committee to allow the strategy team to consider the deed of variation and respond. The officer noted that response and the Part Two section of the report had been submitted to the committee members. The recommendation was to grant the deed of variation.


Questions for officers


2.    Councillor Shanks was informed that the properties were not being bought out-right by the authority. It was considered that there was a need for affordable housing in the city.


3.    Councillor Yates was informed that the undercroft parking at the site was not considered to be a high risk regarding the maintenance of the area. The councillor was also informed that the liability was not only financial. The home purchase policy is to buy back council properties.


4.    Councillor Fishleigh was informed that the report did not need to be approved by the Housing committee.




5.    Councillor Fishleigh considered the amount of affordable housing to be an issue.


6.    Councillor Theobald considered the gain if two properties had been justified by the officers and supported the report.


7.    Councillor Miller supported the recommendation and noted houses were needed in the city.


8.    Councillor Littman considered it was correct to have deferred from previous committee meeting and stated their support for the application.


9.    Following the end of the debate the Chair invited the committee to vote: Out of the 9 Members present the vote was 7 to granted and 1 abstention. (Councillor Henry was not in attendance for the discussions or vote).


10. The committee agreed to accept the Part Two section of the report by a unanimous vote.


11. RESOVLED: The committee agreed to the request to vary the Heads of Terms of the Deed of Variation to the 106 Agreement dated 3 November 2017 in relation to planning permission ref. BH2016/02459 (as amended) to allow a financial contribution for offsite affordable housing units to be made in lieu of onsite provision.



Supporting documents:


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