Agenda item - BH2019/03339, Land to Rear of 62-64 Preston Road, Brighton - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2019/03339, Land to Rear of 62-64 Preston Road, Brighton - Full Planning


1.          Emily Stanbridge (Senior Planning Officer) introduced the application and gave a detailed presentation by reference to site location plans, elevational drawings and photographs. It was noted that the main planning considerations for this application relate to the effect on the street scene as well as the impact on the host building, the residential amenity of the neighbouring residents, the residents within the proposed development and the well-being of the residents in the host building’s upper levels.



2.          Richard Little spoke as the applicant. The scheme approved was unviable. This application to change the basement into a studio flat was therefore submitted. The proposal will increase number of units created by the development. Parking is not considered to be an issue and the mix of properties remains unchanged. The proposals include a secure outside space. It was noted that similar applications nearby have been approved. The principle of residential accommodation was already approved in the previous planning permission. Discussions have been held with YMCA and BHCC Housing.

Questions for Speaker


3.          Councillor Daniel Yates was informed that the existing dwellings are two large maisonettes and the proposed new units will result in 6 units.


4.          Councillor Nick Childs was informed that the proposal will extend 5 of the existing rooms.


5.          Councillor Tony Janio was informed that the site included a dry river bed, and this would need to be accommodated into the structural plans, which would incur more expense by the developer.

Questions for Officers


6.          Councillor Sue Shanks was informed that the proposals would not be assessed in relation to other nearby builds.


7.          Councillor Daniel Yates was informed that the basement would not be part of the ground floor family unit.


8.          Councillor Leo Littman was informed that the lack of housing standards was the reason for refusal.


9.          Councillor Tony Janio was informed that the proposed basement would not be a family unit and that engineering issues have not formed part of the submission.


10.      Councillor Daniel Yates was informed that engineering issues may be submitted as supporting information by the applicant. The applicant had not submitted engineering information to the Planning team until the day of the committee meeting. It was noted that Planning Officers are not able to take into account engineering issues.



11.      Councillor Joe Miller found the changes acceptable and noted that housing is much needed. Councillor Miller supported approving the application.


12.      Councillor Daniel Yates felt the lower ground floor accommodation was poor and there was a need to balance quality over need. Councillor Yates agreed with the officer’s recommendation to refuse the application.


13.      Councillor Carol Theobald felt the accommodation in the basement was poor and this raised concerns.


14.      Councillor Leo Littman felt the changes were small but not acceptable and did not support the scheme.


15.      Councillor Janio supported the scheme.

RESOLVED: The Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out in the report and resolves to REFUSE planning permission for the reasons set out in the report.



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