Agenda item - Home Purchase Policy Update

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Agenda item

Home Purchase Policy Update


22.1    An officer gave a brief overview of the Home Purchase Policy Update, it was stated that the update followed the review at Housing and New Homes Committee last September. The officer noted that following a year-long pilot, BHCC had purchased some properties and were proceeding with efforts to carry on this enterprise. The officer concluded by stating that more resources had been secured with an initial 2 million pounds having been provisionally agreed and an anticipated budget of 7 Million pounds.


22.2    A resident enquired what conditions had to be met in order for a property buy back to occur.


22.3    An officer stated that many different consideration were taken in to account.


22.4    The chair supported the update and ongoing works carried out by BHCC. She stated the positive prospect of buying housing stock at this level.


22.5    RESOLVED – that the panel agree to note the report.

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