Agenda item - Fire Safety Update

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Agenda item

Fire Safety Update


18.1    The officer gave a brief update on Fire Safety, it was stated that tests of fire doors had been conducted nationally and that BHCC currently had doors that had failed the 30 minutes test. It was confirmed that BHCC had stopped the door replacement scheme and that risk assessments had been completed.


18.2    A resident enquired if 10 minutes was an adequate score for BHCC fire doors to have achieved. Concern was raised regarding results from tests on master doors achieving 10 minutes against the expected result of 30 minutes.


18.3    An officer clarified that doors had been tested in 3 aspects and that master doors had failed tests by achieving 10-15 minutes. It was noted that other considerations were taken in to account that mitigated any concern that master doors were insufficiently safe.


18.4    The chair emphasised the importance of waiting until the final report had been published.


18.5    RESOLVED ­– that the report was noted.

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