Agenda item - Residents Question Time

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Agenda item

Residents Question Time

Responses to items raised at the Tenant Only Meeting held on 19 July 2018 (copy attached as ‘blue pages’).


17.1    (Item 1 – Laundry Tokens)


17.2    An officer confirmed that a 24 hour venue would now be open for tokens that posters had been put in place with information regarding laundry and that post offices would now be selling tokens.


17.3    AGREED – that the report was noted.


17.4    (Item 2 – Anti-social in Craven Vale)


17.5    A resident stated they were not entirely happy with the requested changes and that there was no realist expectation of a resolution.


17.6    An Officer agreed to follow up with the resident’s concerns and provide an update.


17.7    AGREED – that the report was noted.


17.8    (3 Star Item – North Ward Item 1 – Service provided by Resident Involvement Team)


17.9    A resident enquired about Resident Involvement Officer’s future attendance.


17.10  An officer clarified that Resident Involvement Officers would always try and attend as many meetings as possible, it was further noted that limited resources were available and that it was rare that it was rare that Resident Involvement Officers were unable to attend meetings.


17.11  AGREED – that the report was noted.



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