Agenda item - Residents Question Time

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Agenda item

Residents Question Time

Responses to items raised at the Tenant Only Meeting held on 18/01/2018


            Installation of digital central heating thermostats


39.1    Barbara Castleton stated that the tenant referred to in the item was her. She felt that the answer was unsatisfactory as it blamed faulty equipment despite the fact that the engineer she had spoken to had stated that improper training was too blame.


39.2    Officers responded that they would follow up with K&T Heating to ensure that all engineers had received the appropriate training.


K&T Heating Out of Hours repairs service


39.3    Officers stated that they would not have expected the engineer responding to the call to have responded in the manor reported and that cases such as the reported one could be reported directly to the Business and Performance Team. The Chair stated that she wanted to encourage residents to report these issues as this would help the council manage the contract.


39.4    Resolved: That the Panel noted the responses

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