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Chair's Communications


            Update – Taxi Forum / Uber Taxis


3.1       The Chair stated that on the taxi front it had been less antagonistic since the last meeting of the Committee. The Taxi Forum meeting which had taken had ran relatively smoothly and although many complaints continued to be received about Uber taxis parking in taxi ranks and Uber taxis from as far away as Birmingham plying their trade here, there had not been quite the same level of hostility as before. That could be the calm before the storm, however, as Uber’s licence was due to be renewed in November. The planned National Taxi demonstration had not taken place as planned – it had been postponed- because of the Manchester terrorist attack which had occurred the previous day. It should be noted that taxi drivers in Manchester had been of great assistance to those who were affected by the attack on the night – ensuring that people got home safely, often without charging for their services. The union had not as yet, provided information regarding when the Taxi Demonstration would now be but the Chair suspected it might be in the autumn.


3.2       The Chair, was also able to confirm that a meeting had eventually taken place with representatives of Transport for London (Tfl) and that it had been a very productive meeting. As a result of the meeting arrangements were now in place for a number of joint enforcements over the coming months. The Chair was sure that this will be welcomed by Brighton and Hove licensed taxi drivers, as it helped to create a level playing field.


3.3       A training session about taxis regulations and related issues had been organised for Members and would take place at the end of September although the date had yet to be confirmed. It was intended that this would be helpful in increasing member’s awareness and understanding of the present situation in the city.


3.4       RESOLVED – That the content of the Chair’s Communications be received and noted.


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