Agenda item - Community Safety and Crime in Brighton & Hove : Information Update

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Agenda item

Community Safety and Crime in Brighton & Hove : Information Update

Report of the Executive Director of Finance and Resources forwarded from Neighbourhoods, Communities and Equalities Committee for information (copy of minute extract and report attached)


17.1    The Committee considered the extract referred from the meeting of Neighbourhoods and Communities Committee held on 10 October 2016 and the accompanying information update on Community Safety and Crime in Brighton and Hove prepared by the Head of Community Safety’s Team. The Head of Community Safety, Peter Castleton, was in attendance in order to respond any questions from Members.


17.2    Councillors Bell and Simson who were also on that Committee explained that in view of concerns round the impact of the night time economy and in particular the implications arising should the Beach Patrol, Taxi Marshalls and Safe Space be curtailed they thought that it would be informative for this Committee the information contained in the report. Councillor Simson stated that one of major concern was the impact on behaviour due to a mix of excess alcohol and drugs, particularly cocaine. The Chair, Councillor O’Quinn concurred and the Head of Community Safety, Peter Castleton, confirmed that it was acknowledged that this constituted a serious issue.


17.3    Councillor Morris commended the report which was very informative. In answer to questions it was explained that these issues were being investigated in the round with health partners; also that the University was working pro-actively to discourage students from attending alcohol fuelled “Carnage” type events during “Freshers Week” for example and was actively encouraging events where the focus was not alcohol consumption.


17.4    Councillor Wares noted the information provided under Chair’s Communications stating that none the less it was worrying that there would clearly be problems if funding of those initiatives associated with the night time economy which helped to protect the vulnerable were compromised due to reductions or inability to find them. There was a danger of overthinking the issue. Robust strategies were needed to identify what was needed, where we were going and what needed to be done going forward. Whilst commending all that was being done it was important to ensure that all the threads were joined together.


17.5    The Chair, Councillor O’Quinn, stated that there was agreement around what needed to be provided which was why measures were being put into place to fill any gaps.


17.6    RESOLVED – That the contents of the extract and the report be noted.

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