Agenda item - Gambling Act 2005 - Revised Gambling Policy

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Agenda item

Gambling Act 2005 - Revised Gambling Policy

Report of Director of Neighbourhoods, Communities and Housing (copy attached)



18.1    The Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods, Communities and Housing seeking approval to the final version of the “Revised Gambling Policy” as set out in Appendix 1 to the report.


18.2    The Licensing Manager, Jim Whitelegg, explained that under the Gambling Act 2005, Licensing Authorities were required to prepare a statement every three years (also known as a  Policy) setting out the principles which they proposed to apply when exercising their functions. They were required to publish the Statement/Policy following procedures set out in the Gambling Act 2005 which also set out details regarding whom should be consulted.


18.3    At the meeting of the Committee which had taken place on 3 March 2016 it had been agreed that officers initiate consultation regarding a review of the council’s revised Gambling Policy. Officers had re-written the Policy in light of the changes to the Licensing Conditions and Code of Practice (LCCP) and Guidance for Local Authorities (GLA), to incorporate the new social responsibility requirements which had come into force in April 2016. The revised Policy was now set before the Committee for approval.


18.4    Councillor Gilbey stated that in some instances Challenge 21 requirements were referred to and in other instances reference was made to Challenge 25, this appeared to be an anomaly and she queried whether this was correct. It was explained that this was correct as the guidance in relation to gambling provisions continued to refer to an age requirement of 21.


18.5    Councillor Page enquired whether there was any flexibility around how charges were set and it was confirmed that there was not as this was prescribed by the legislation.


18.6    A vote was taken and the 10 Members who were present when the vote was taken voted unanimously that the report recommendations be agreed and that the final version of the Statement of Gambling Policy as set out in Appendix 1 to the report be forwarded to the next scheduled meeting of Full Council for approval and adoption.


18.7    RESOLVED – That Members agree to refer the final version of the Statement of Gambling Policy as set out in (Appendix 1) to the report to Full Council for adoption


18.8    RESOLVED TO RECOMMEND – That the final version of the Statement of Gambling Policy be approved and adopted by Full Council having been agreed by the Committee and set out in Resolution 1 above.


Note: Councillors Hyde and Simson were not present at the meeting when the vote was taken.

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