Agenda for Housing Committee on Wednesday, 16th September, 2020, 4.00pm

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Agenda and decisions

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Contact: Shaun Hughes  Democratic Services Officer


No. Item


Procedural Business

    (a)  Declaration of Substitutes: Where Councillors are unable to attend a meeting, a substitute Member from the same Political Group may attend, speak and vote in their place for that meeting.


    (b)  Declarations of Interest:


    (a)       Disclosable pecuniary interests;

    (b)       Any other interests required to be registered under the local code;

    (c)       Any other general interest as a result of which a decision on the matter might reasonably be regarded as affecting you or a partner more than a majority of other people or businesses in the ward/s affected by the decision.


    In each case, you need to declare

    (i)         the item on the agenda the interest relates to;

    (ii)       the nature of the interest; and

    (iii)      whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest or some other interest.


    If unsure, Members should seek advice from the committee lawyer or administrator preferably before the meeting.


    (c)  Exclusion of Press and Public - To consider whether, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted, or the nature of the proceedings, the press and public should be excluded from the meeting when any of the following items are under consideration.


    NOTE: Any item appearing in Part Two of the Agenda states in its heading the category under which the information disclosed in the report is exempt from disclosure and therefore not available to the public.


    A list and description of the exempt categories is available for public inspection at Brighton and Hove Town Halls.


    Additional documents:


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 469 KB

    To consider the minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2020 (copy attached).


    Additional documents:


Chairs Communications

    Additional documents:


Call Over

    (a)           All agenda items will be read out at the meeting and Members invited to reserve the items for consideration.


    (b)           Those items not reserved will be taken as having been received and the reports’ recommendations agreed.


    Additional documents:


Public Involvement pdf icon PDF 123 KB


Issues Raised by Members

    To consider the following matters raised by councillors:


    (a)       Petitions: to receive any petitions submitted to the full Council or at the meeting itself;


    (b)      Written Questions: to consider any written questions;


    (c)       Letters: to consider any letters;


    (d)       Notices of Motion: to consider any Notices of Motion referred from Council or submitted directly to the Committee.


    Additional documents:


Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy – Update on Next Steps Following Covid-19 Response pdf icon PDF 133 KB

    Report of the Interim Executive Director for Housing, Neighbourhoods & Communities.

    Additional documents:




    2.1      That Housing Committee note the report.


    2.2      That Housing Committee note the work that has gone into the response to the Covid-19 emergency.


    2.3      In the light of the pandemic and the motion responding to it (30th April), that the Homeless Reduction board along with the Homeless Operational Board give priority to:


    a)       Monitoring progress and developing actions needed to achieve the aim of providing long term sustainable housing or safe reconnection for all rough sleepers housed under the “everyone in” response

    b)       Ensuring the priorities and actions of the Homelessness Strategy respond to the changed circumstances

    c)       Explore ways of sustaining the current offer of shelter for all who find themselves without a roof and report back to Housing Committee any recommendations.


    2.4      That Housing Committee notes the temporary adjustments made within the Allocations Plan in response to the pandemic whilst aiming to achieve the overall agreed percentages in the Allocation Plan.


    2.5      That Housing Committee recognises that the review of the Allocation Plan has been delayed due to the pandemic and subsequent pressures on the department but that this will be considered at the November Housing Committee.


Commissioning of a Housing First Service for Single Homeless People pdf icon PDF 370 KB

    Additional documents:




    That Housing Committee:


    2.1      Approves the procurement and award of a contract for the provision of a Housing First Service for single homeless people for a period of five years with the option to extend for a maximum of two further years.


    2.2      Grants delegated authority to the Executive Director for Health & Adult Social Care or the Interim Executive Director Housing Neighbourhoods & Communities to carry out the procurement of the services referred to in 2.1 above including the award of the contract.


    2.3      That the Executive Director for Health & Adult Social Care or the Executive Director Housing Neighbourhoods & Communities seek authority of the Housing Committee prior to the expiry of the initial contract period of 5 years if it is recommended that the contract be extended under the extension provisions exercisable by the council under the terms of the contract.


    2.4      Delegates authority to the Executive Director of Health & Adult Social Care or the Executive Director Housing Neighbourhoods & Communities on confirmation of the award of funding by the MHCLG in response to a bid made by the Council for the purposes of financing Housing First units of accommodation, to increase the value of the procurement and subsequent contract award to reflect the amount of grant awarded (maximum of £312,000.00) and to enable the provision of a minimum of number of additional units pro-rated to the value of the grant awarded on the basis that the maximum grant of £312,000.00 will fund a minimum of 35 additional units.


    2.5      To report regularly to Homeless Reduction Board on the progress and

    outcomes of the service.


Housing Management Performance Report Quarter 4 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 794 KB


Housing Committee Workplan Progress Update and Housing Performance Report - Quarter 1, 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 208 KB


Repairs & Maintenance to Council Housing Stock pdf icon PDF 157 KB

    Additional documents:




    2.1      That the Committee notes the progress with the programme and the Housing Repairs & Maintenance service as outlined in the body of this report.


Review of Evictions from Emergency and Short-term Temporary Accommodation pdf icon PDF 257 KB


Items referred for Full Council

    To consider items to be submitted to the 22 October 2020 Council meeting for information.


    In accordance with Procedure Rule 24.3a, the Committee may determine that any item is to be included in its report to Council. In addition, any Group may specify one further item to be included by notifying the Chief Executive no later than 10am on the eighth working day before the Council meeting at which the report is to be made, or if the Committee meeting take place after this deadline, immediately at the conclusion of the Committee meeting



    Additional documents:


Part Two Proceedings

    To consider whether the items listed in Part Two of the agenda and decisions thereon should remain exempt from disclosure to the press and public.

    Additional documents:


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